Are you looking for affordable flooring? in Malmesbury, Western Cape for sale

Are you looking for affordable flooring?

Bamboo Traders are suppliers of quality bamboo flooring products to corporate and private clients. Bamboo is an eco-friendly renewable resource option to conventional hardwood flooring as it is extremely fast growing reaching maturity in just over six years.
Bamboo is tough and durable with twice the indentation resistance of Red Oak. It is also less susceptible to temperature and humidity fluctuations than traditional hardwood flooring. Bamboo floors are hypoallergenic therefore non-pollutant, termite and allergy resistant thus a healthy and safe solution for families and businesses.
Our wooden floors are less susceptible to temperature and humidity changes and finished of with up to nine layers of quality Klummpp and Treffert coatings leaving a low gloss, easy to clean and hygienic finish.
We at Bamboo Traders have sourced our products personally and retain the accreditation and certification to back our range of flooring products. Therefore we can provide our clients the peace of mind knowing our flooring meets with excellent quality criteria. Our range of products are also available for resale. If you reside outside of Cape Town we can send you samples to view. Please contact us for further information by visiting our site